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The Art Factory

In 1987, I (the owner) brought the artistic mosaic from the depths of historical oblivion to our modern age. We gave it a name (Sicis), a shape (tesserae 15x15mm), a life (Sicis Books), a material (marble, stone, gold, terra cotta, steel, murano, salanto, iridium, glimmer, waterglass, synthesis, basic) and a future. We built a home (a factory) and turned it into the world of designers and the product captivated everyone. Everybody would like to use it, as many have done. Some, unfamiliar with Sicis, have used imitations with disastrous results. All are still taken aback by its sheer beauty and think it’s only for Kings and queens.

To the skeptical few and those who have not seen it yet I say: “Take a Look.” Nobody can outdo us or match us!

To Visit the Sicis Website click here: Sicis Glass

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