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Villi Glass

Villi Glass

VILLI develops and manufactures glass tiles that meet the highest standards of quality and esthetics. Using an innovative and patented process, products are created of unique brilliance and interplay of light and colors.

No matter from which angle you look at it, you will always discover new facets - like a mirror, it reflects aesthetics and uniqueness back to its beholder.

The variety of surfaces, formats and colors allows for unlimited uses and designs.

In this way, VILLI becomes a personal part of your environment and a visible sign of good taste and a very special outlook on life.

VILLI glass tiles are available for use on floors, walls and as borders and kitchen backsplashes for interior and exterior applications. For exterior applications, VILLI glass tiles are frost proof as well as UV resistant making. Our product is the perfect choice for installations ranging from pools and spas to building cladding. It also can be produced with your logo design or other original creations.

To Visit the VILLI Website click here: Villi Glass

Villi Glass 
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